Frequently asked questions

What type of cartridges are compatible with Pinch?

Pinch is compatible with standard 510 cartridges; the most commonly used cartridge type. You can find pre-filled and empty cartridges at virtually any vape shop or specialized retailer.

How long does it take to fully charge the Pinch?

The charging time varies depending on the device used to charge. Generally it takes a little over an hour to reach full battery capacity.

Which devices can I use to charge my Pinch?

Pinch’s dynamic multi-port changing unit can draw charge from any Lightning, USB-C, or USB-A port. This means Pinch is compatible with thousands of devices, including popular smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

How long will the Pinch battery last?

The battery life depends on how frequently you use the device, as well as the voltage setting.

Why does my Pinch only charge for X seconds from my iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

It is a known issue that certain combinations of iPhone serial numbers and software versions do not allow power to be drawn from the device for more than 30 seconds. To work around this, simply restart your iPhone with your Pinch plugged it and the charging function should be restored.

What kind of liquids does Pinch work with?

Pinch is compatible with 510 cartridges pre-filled with any e-juice or herbal extract.

How do I clean my Pinch?

It is important to clean your Pinch periodically. The best method is to use a cotton swab with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol and clean inside the catridge thread to remove residue.

Where is the “on” button?

Pinch does not have an on/off function. Simply press the main button in the center of the logo while inhaling.

What does the LED light on the Pinch indicate while charging?

While charging, the LED indicator around the central button will glow a specific color based on the current charge level. If the battery has 10% or less charge, it will glow red. If the battery has between 10% and 25% charge, it will glow orange. If the battery is between 25% and 50% charge, it will glow yellow. If the battery has between 50% and 100% charge, it will glow green. The LED indicator will shine a steady green when the battery is fully charged.

How do I retract a charging connector?

To retract the charging conectors, simply press the release button located on the bottom of the Pinch. Alternatively, you can slide another charging connector partly down to retract.

What does the LED light indicate with I click the main button two times?

When you click the main button two times, the color of the LED indicates current battery life. Green = 100% Yellow = 25-50% Orange = 10-25% Red = below 10% Flashing red = critical battery level

What does the LED light indicate with I click the button three times?

Clicking the main button three times cycles through the Pinch’s voltage settings. The LED ring indicates the setting you have selected. Green = 2.9v Yellow = 3.2v Orange = 3.5v Red = 3.8v

How soon will I receive my order?

We ship out orders within 3 business days of receiving them.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship within the United States.

Do you have a Warranty?

Please visit our refund policy page by clicking "Refunds" on the bottom left of this page.

What kind of battery is inside the Pinch?

Pinch contains a non-replaceable, 300 maH internal lithium ion battery.

My Pinch is not working. What do I do?

Please contact us at, and we’ll troubleshoot with you or facilitate an exchange if you qualify. Please see our return policy for more information by clicking "Refunds" on the bottom left of this page.

My Pinch gets a little warm while charging... is that normal?

Yes, the Pinch's quick charge capability generates a little heat at higher amperages.


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